Ralph Knight

Ralph Knight is a 44° story mission for Grand Theft Auto IV, provided by Dwayne Forge, set in Algonquin.

Dwayne Forge wants to get back the money he sent his girlfriend in prison after he found out she was having an affair.

This quest allows players to choose whether to forgive or kill Dwayne Fudge’s ex-girlfriend Cheryse Glover after confronting her with cheating on her new boyfriend while Dwayne was incarcerated. Either of these two options will make Dwayne happy, but letting Cherise go will allow her to reappear as a random encounter at Algonquin later in the game.

  • Dwayne would be happy if Niko killed or spared Cherise.
  • If Cherise survives, she will randomly appear later.
  • This quest can be completed even after completing the main story

Ruff Rider: Mission Objective

  • Go to the arcades in Chinatown.
  • Execute Cherise or keep her alive.
  • Catch up with Jevin.
  • Get Dwayne’s money.
  • Go to Cluckin’ Bell and meet Dwayne.

Ruff Rider: Mission Information

Game Version Grand Theft Auto IV Mission Number 44 Mission Giver Dwayne Forge Location Governor Greg Johnson Projects, North Holland/Region Algonquin Available after mission (Story Mode)

Ruff Rider: Video Walkthrough

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