Shaft II

This benefactor shaft ii Is one of the vehicles of Sedans Cars GTA IV: Song of Gay Tony.

The design of the Benefactor Schafter II in GTA IV is based on the real-life Mercedes-Benz E-Class; the Mercedes-Benz CL-Class C216. The top speed of the Schafter II is
87.61 mph (141.00 km/h)

Schafter II: GTA IV Vehicle Information

Vehicle Class SedanCars Manufacturer Benefactor Top Speed ​​- Game Code 87.61 mph (141.00 km/h) Based on (real life) Mercedes-Benz E-Class’s engine placement front end; Mercedes-Benz CL-Class C216

Schafter II: GTA IV stats

Mass/Weight 1,700 KG Drivetrain RWD Gear 5 Acceleration 8.6 seconds (0-60 mph)





Schafter II: GTA IV appearance

Schafter II Spawn Location in Grand Theft Auto IV Here’s where to find Schafter II in GTA IV: Song of Gay Tony:

  • Citywide

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Screenshots of Schafter II: GTA IV

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