Ten years ago, GTA 5 still outsells Saints Row

Saints Row is back…hidden in the shadows of Grand Theft Auto.

Considering that GTA 5 is the second best-selling video game in history, Deep Silver Volition shouldn’t take a negative view of it.

Deep Silver Volition’s highly anticipated comeback with Saints Row reboot was supposed to be a big deal. Instead, critics slammed Saints Street, and audiences didn’t like it either. It might not necessarily be a bad game, but it seems most people expected more from Saints Row. To make matters worse, Saints Row couldn’t even beat a nearly decade-old game in terms of sales in the month it launched.

According to GamesIndustry.biz, GTA 5 still topped the sales charts with 7.7 million copies, which pushed Saints Row back to second place.

While the data isn’t complete and doesn’t cover the world — for what it’s worth, GTA 5 didn’t even crack the top 10 in US sales last month, and Saints Row was second — compared to Saints Row, GTA 5 of physical and digital sales remain high. This all goes to show that Saints Row isn’t yet a proper replacement for GTA, let alone a better game.

The bad news is that the continued popularity of GTA 5 will give Rockstar Games even more reason not to rush into GTA 6.

Perhaps Deep Silver Volition’s expectation that Saints Row will outsell GTA 5 is ambitious. After all, the game sold nearly 200 million copies in nine years. Still, we don’t think the studio will view it in a positive light.

Hopefully Deep Silver Volition won’t see this as an obstacle to continuing to support Saints Row and maybe even releasing a DLC or two for the game. It may not win awards, but Saints Row is the best game for this team, for better or worse.

In other news, dozens of GTA 6 videos leaked online over the weekend. Rockstar Games has since acknowledged the legitimacy of the leak.

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