The latest GTA Online weekly update gives you a reason to buy the car shop

Rockstar Games continues to support Grand Theft Auto Online, the world’s most popular online role-playing platform. The September 22 update to the open-world crime game brings many of the cars promised in the still-in-progress Crime Enterprise update. In addition to this, several opponent modes follow along with the usual rotation of weekly content.

Now’s a great time to invest and build the auto shop of your dreams in GTA Online.

Here’s a rundown of everything added to GTA Online as part of the September 22 update:

  • 40% off Auto Shop purchases, modifications and upgrades
  • 3 x Los Santos Car Meet representatives for all races
  • 2 x Auto Shop Customer Job Reward
  • 2 x GTA$ and RP in Auto Shop Contract Endings
  • Earn 2 x GTA$ & RP in all time trials
  • 2 x GTA$ and Deathmatch RP
  • Land Grab Earn 2x GTA$ & RP

Southern San Andreas Supercar Showroom

  • Dinka Kanjo SJ (1997-2000 Honda Civic Type R)
  • Dinka Postlude (Honda Prelude Gen 1)

More GTA Online rewards and discounts

  • 50% off
  • 40% discount
    • Karin Sultan RS Classic (Subaru Impreza 22B STI)
    • Dinka RT3000 (Honda S2000)
    • Wipi GB200 (Ford RS200)
    • Albany Manana Custom (Buick LeSabre)
    • Karin Futo GTX (Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86)
    • Vapid Clique (1951 Ford Coupe)
    • Annis Euros (Nissan 370Z)
  • 30% discount
    • Obey Tailgator S (2017-2020 Audi RS3 Sedan)
    • Grotti Itali RSX (Ferrari SF90 Stradale)

September GTA+ benefits

  • New Declasse Vigero ZX completes Hao’s special work performance upgrade
  • Two top-secret Vigero ZX livery for GTA+ members
  • Vespucci Beach MC Clubhouse
  • 50% GTA$ and RP bonuses for cyclist sales quests, club contracts and extra income jobs
  • Earn Double GTA$ in all Survival Modes
  • Free clothing and accessories and more

GTA Online continues to impress with a rotation of fictional luxury cars inspired by real models.

In addition to all the other items we’ve listed, you can try your luck on the Lucky Wheel at The Diamond Casino for a Coil Cyclone supercar ($1.89 million value). But even if you don’t get top dollar, there are other ways to get stylish rides. For example, finishing in the top three in the Piersuit series for three consecutive games can earn you Vapid Flash GT. With a value of $1.675 million, this isn’t necessarily a “bad” consolation prize.

In other GTA news, authorities arrested the individual believed to be responsible for the GTA 6 leak just days after Rockstar Games admitted the incident.

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