The Ultimate GTA Online Heist Guide

This guide covers GTA Online Heist Series from fleece work and accumulate Pacific Standard Work. If you are looking for The Diamond Casino Heist Guide Check out our Big Con, Silent & Sneaky and ​​Aggressive how-to guides.


Heists are an important element of Grand Theft Auto Online, and probably one of the most integral parts of gameplay.

They are a substitute for the ultimate content of the game and are one of the most difficult and profitable activities you can do. Heists require teamwork, coordination and skill, and successful completion of them will reward you accordingly.

If you’re saving for something big, there’s a good chance you’re going to rob. They’ll follow you throughout your GTA Online career, and even if you’ve unlocked everything and have a bunch of high-end items, they’ll come online early while you stay relevant and important.

Heists are divided into setting missions and endings. The setup itself tends to be easier and not particularly rewarding to complete, and the ending is the real draw. Teams may be backfilled if someone leaves between missions, but all heists always require a full team of four.

Looting with random players isn’t ideal (though not as bad as people say), so we recommend trying to find a team of regulars to play with.

There is a lot to do with a successful heist. Learn the mechanics and special gameplay of each setting mission and harder endings, as well as know what strategies to employ to avoid obvious pitfalls and other failure states.

In addition to mastering how the game works, you also need to be able to work with your team and listen to everyone. To keep your team coherent and cooperative, you also need to ensure that income is distributed fairly, which is also covered in this guide.

getting Started

Reach level 12, have a high-end apartment, you can play 4 player online co-op heist. Lester will call you, you need to meet him. After that, whenever you can play a new heist, Lester will call and you can call him to replay the heist.

You have to wait about 15 minutes between robberies. Heists in GTA Online can be played on three difficulty levels. Playing regular games earns twice as much as playing easy games, and earning 25% more from playing hard games than playing regular games.

Once you accept or request a heist, you become the heist leader. The Heist Leader can invite anyone who has played through the GTA Online tutorials to work through Gerald’s first LTS. Leaders must bear the costs, but also decide how to distribute the total spend.

The ability to distribute payouts means heist leaders can make a lot of money. If you’re hoping to make a lot of money from looting, make a plan with your team about how you’d like to distribute your spending. This will be covered later in this guide.

In addition to the payout department, you’ll want to decide ahead of time what role each player will play, as explained later when we get into the setup quest. Communicating with your teammates will make looting easier, as will knowing their strengths and weaknesses and having gear like silencers and body armor ready.

The heist involves multiple tasks. Heist leaders will receive 10% additional RP from the setup mission, but only other participants will receive money. Setting up tasks typically earns you around $15,000 to $20,000. After completing a setup mission, all players will return to free mode. The heist leader can then start the next part of the heist.

Back when GTA Online launched, you unlocked Adversary Mode by completing heists. There were only 3 modes available at that time. Today, there are 45 adversarial modes with hundreds of missions that are no longer tied to heist completion.

Each heist has its own elite challenge.


Here you’ll find the structure of various heists and the components of each mission leading to endings, including the ones above. You’ll know what to expect in terms of mechanics and what encounters you’ll face, so plan accordingly.

Heist #1 – Fleeca Jobs

cost – $11,500

total expenses – $57,500 (Easy), $115,000 (Normal), $143,750 (Hard)

unlock – Kuruma and armored Kuruma

Elite Challenge – You do it in less than 5:20, the car takes no more than 6% damage, and no player dies.

Mission #1 – You have to drive Lester to check the bank and then back to the warehouse.

Task #2 – You have to steal the Kuruma that is currently held by the gangster and bring it to the warehouse.

Robbery Information – One player is in charge of security and the other player drives the Kuruma to the bank. Once the security is done, the player must get into the box, and the first player intimidates the bank staff not to interfere. After that, both players should drive Kuruma to Fort Sancudo.

extra information – This heist actually only requires two players as it is considered a tutorial!

Heist #2 – Jailbreak

cost – USD 40,000

total expenses – $200,000 (easy), $400,000 (normal), $500,000 (hard)

unlock – Lampadati Casco and Principe Lectro

Elite Challenge – You evacuated in less than 4:40, Rashkowski took no more than 1% damage, and no player died.

Mission #1 – A group must fight Vagos at the airport so the pilot player can steal the Velum and bring it to LSIA.

Task #2 – You have to steal a prison bus and stay away from the police.

Task #3 – A team of players must steal a police car, infiltrate the precinct, and bring the prison transfer schedule back to the apartment. The other group must take down Rashkovsky’s Casco.

Task #4 – While one group is caring for that colleague, the others must kill the lawyer and take their testimony.

Robbery Information – A group of players must infiltrate the prison and escape with Rashkowski. Another group had to control the plane and prepare to evacuate them. After Rushkowski and both teams are on the plane, you have to fly to the sea.

Heist #3 – Humane Lab Raid

cost – $54,000

total expenses – $270,000 (easy), $575,000 (normal), $675,000 (hard)

unlock – Mammoth Hydra, Buckingham Valkyrie, HVY Insurgent, Armored HVY Insurgent, Nagasaki Dinghy, Night Vision Mask and Respirator Mask.

Elite Challenge – You finish within 11:00, the vehicle takes no more than 2% damage, and no player dies.

Mission #1 – Two players, one as the buyer and one as the bodyguard, must obtain a key card from your contact. Two lookouts are also recommended. If you’re having trouble doing this mission #2 – you have to steal two Insurgent LAPVs from Merryweather. Since the vehicles are armed, having a gunner in each vehicle will help you escape.

Task #3 – You have to steal EMP from the nose of a Hydra jet on a naval aircraft carrier. When one player gets the Hydra, the others should fly the jet to help. You must get Hydra back to your meeting point.

Task #4 – You must steal the Valkyrie from Merryweather’s base. You can choose a stealth or frontal approach. Once you get the Valkyrie, shoot down the attack helicopter.

Mission #5 – Drive a stolen LAPV with EMP into Humane Labs and park it. You don’t want to get caught, a silencer might help when you need to fight.

Robbery Information – A team will enter the Humane Lab wearing night vision goggles and respirators to obtain documentation. The other group will drive the Valkyries down to the first team and pick them up at the end, while repelling enemy reinforcements.

special unlock – Hydra and Valkyrie

To get the Hydra Jet, you must complete the third mission where you get back the EMP. This quest is only available if you have hosted both The Fleeca Job and The Prison Break, or if you are playing with the host you have. Afterwards, visit Warstock Cash & Carry’s in-game site to buy Hydra for $3 million.

To get the Valkyrie Combat Helicopter, you must complete the fourth mission, in which you steal the Valkyrie. As with Hydra, you can only access this quest if you or your host have hosted The Fleeca Job and The Prison Break before. After that, visit the Warstock Cash & Carry website to buy it for $2.85 million.

Two variants of the HVY Insurgent are also unlocked through this heist, priced at $675,000 (regular) and $1.35 million (armor).

Heist #4 – Series A Funding

cost – $40,400

total expenses – $202,000 (easy), $404,000 (normal), $505,000 (hard)

unlock – Karin Technical, Mule discount

Elite Challenge – You finished in less than 6:30, you killed 75 enemies and no player died.

Mission #1 – One team will take the plane and the other team will take the water. The water team should approach the yacht to steal medicine, while the air team should provide firepower from a distance or pounce on to drop their passengers. Collect all the packages and go back through the tunnel to the landing, then head to the last objective.

Task #2 – Steal a garbage truck and collect garbage bags from four different locations. Watch out for the waves of enemies that will try to stop you. Be careful not to blow it up while fighting at the gas station.

Task #3 – Bring silenced weapons to Dingy and use stealth to eliminate enemies in the trailer park. You should split into two groups and coordinate your attacks. Run away in a van from the north side of the trailer park, everyone but the driver is shooting at your pursuers.

Task #4 – Start by having two players act as lookouts and snipers while the others stay on the ground. Watch out for trains. Clear the enemies and head to the truck. Two players should ride the gunner truck, while the others get the rest of the truck. Escape to the drop off point.

Mission #5 – Put on a mask and go to the farm to take care of enemies, but if you leave some alive you should be fine. Go back to the back and have two players drive the truck in front of the tanker, protecting it as you escape. Explosives can be tempting, but can get you in trouble due to the proximity.

Robbery Information – Defend the warehouse, either by shooting from cover or using mines if necessary. After that, have two players use trucks to protect them as they move them. While driving, if the helicopter is giving you too much trouble, use the bridge as cover and fend off all enemies until you reach your goal.

Heist #5 – Pacific Standard Jobs

cost – USD 100,000

total expenses – $500,000 (easy), $1,000,000 (normal), $1,250,000 (hard)

unlock – Savage, Principe Lectro and Gang Burrito Van.

Elite Challenge – You finish in less than 10:15, NOOSE is not called, and no player dies.

Mission #1 – You will travel in two vehicles, each with a driver and a navigator. Navigators have to use their cell phones…

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