to woo/desperate

to woo/desperate is the main story quest in GTA San Andreas, given to CJ by Catalina.

This is a chronological 34° San Andreas mission that takes place in Red County.

Katarina tries to show her love to Carl. They went to rob a betting shop in Montgomery.

Courtship/Desperate: Mission Objective

  • Enter the Inside Track Betting Shop.
  • Keep a safe distance from planted bag charges.
  • Use the stachel to open the safe.
  • You have a wanted level. Go pay ‘n’ spray to lose it.
  • Park your vehicle inside Pay ‘n’ Spray.

Courtship/Desperate: Mission Information

Mission Number 34 Mission Type Mandatory Mission Giver Catalina Location Hideout (Fern Ridge); Inner Rails (Montgomery) State Red County

Courtship/Desperate: Video Walkthrough

Original game guide (PS2, Xbox, PC):

Definitive Edition Remastered Walkthrough:

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