Vapid Slamtruck Now Available in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online has always been top-notch, with spectacle running through its veins. No vehicle represents this more than the newest addition to the game, that is to say. In addition to the crazy new wheels, there are bonuses and discounts this week.

Vapid Slamtruck is what happens when Vapid’s designers eat the wrong kind of chocolate cake before a staff meeting — or rightly so. This car is a major makeover of the ever-popular Slamvan, taking the delightful retro truck and fitting a stunt ramp to its rear—the wrong, sloping lathe.

In case this utterly insane recklessness is on your side, you can now buy your very own Vapid Slamtruck in any Southern San Andreas Supercar for 1,310,000 GTA$. Hope, though, that every cyclist who shares your game takes off from your ramps.

If you enjoy combining hectic PvP action with dark, claustrophobic environments, you’ll thrive in this week’s bonus event – the Bunker Series playlist will pay Double GTA$ and RP, meaning you can Play your favorite adversarial mode in the bowels of an underground military base and make a fortune at the same time.

For the more business-focused players, the double RP and cash for all Gunrunning Sell quests provide even greater rewards, while still managing to somehow get the cover involved. Gunrunning, especially when nightclub warehouses make it more efficient, is one of the most lucrative activities in the game. In addition, all Gunrunning Research are twice as fast.

Rockstar is thanking longtime GTA Online players with the latest login bonus. The exclusive Faded Vapid Logo Tee will be in everyone’s wardrobe, provided they’ve played around long enough to have a regular variant of the Vapid Logo Tee in the past.

Since it’s been a tedious week, it’s only fitting that the Vapid Peyote Custom, tricked by upgrades and fancy livery, is spinning on the Diamond’s podium. Spin the Wheel of Fortune every day for a chance to win for free!

You can buy all bunkers this week for 40% off, matching the theme the bonus follows. You can also modify and upgrade the aforementioned bunkers for 30% off, and Vapid Winky for 25% off. Several other Vapid vehicles are also on sale!

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