Vice City Street Racer

Vice City Street Racer A side quest in GTA Vice City.

Compete in six street races.

This is an optional effort, but it is 100% required Completion of the game. It’s not time-sensitive, meaning it can be played at any time, even after the main storyline is complete.

Vice City Street Racer – Mission Details:

The Vice City Racer mission series includes 6 street/drag races throughout Vice City. Available from A+B Auto after purchasing the Sunshine Auto Showroom.

To start a match, players must descend to the lower part of the building and enter the pink marker to choose from up to six matches. Each game has a different participation fee and different rewards.

Vice City Street Racer: The Race

Race Place length entrance fee remuneration
terminal speed Escobar International Airport 1.748 km / 1.086 miles 100 dollars $400
Ocean Drive Ocean Drive 2.659 km / 1.652 miles $500 $2,000
border run Little Haiti, Little Havana 3.1 km/1.926 miles $1,000 $4,000
Capital Cruises Ocean Beach, Washington Beach, Vice Point 3.924 km / 2.438 miles $2,000 $8,000
travel! Washington Beach, Vice Point 4.603 km / 2.860 miles $5,000 $20,000
Venture Capital Endurance Sin City 9.721 km / 6.040 miles $10,000 $40,000

Vice City Street Racer: Mission Information

Vice City Street Racer: Video Walkthrough

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