What’s new in the September 8 GTA Online Weekly Update?

Like clockwork, Rockstar Games released the latest GTA Online update ahead of the weekend.

The Sprunk vs eCola match is still underway and it looks like the Reds are winning.

GTA has received a plethora of new changes, features and updates. However, since we’re in the middle of the Sprunk vs eCola event, most of all the incoming stuff will continue the soda theme. If you’re a red fan, this is great news, as a slew of eCola-themed prizes have been added to GTA Online, leaving you wondering if the race is over now, as Rockstar has admitted that eCola is in the lead.

It will be interesting to see how GTA Online players as Team Sprunk can catch up with only a week left.

Below, we’ve rounded up everything new in GTA Online this week. This includes discounted cars and podium vehicles, and which missions will help you earn more GTA Cash and RP.

  • Nightclub Bonuses:
    • 2 x Nightclub Daily Income
    • $250,000 for completing a nightclub warehouse sales mission
    • Complete three nightclub warehouse sales missions to earn $250,000
    • Nightclub utility bill waived until September 14
  • 3 x GTA$ & RP to win at the Southern San Andreas Super Sports Series
  • 2 x GTA$ and Sumo RP
  • 2 x GTA$, RP and Merchandise in Business Battles
  • 1 red glowing shade for login

Premium luxury racing showroom vehicles

  • Red Gallivanter Baller (Range Rover Evoque/Range Rover Sport)
  • Canis Seminole Frontier (1984–2001 Jeep Cherokee) in metallic garnet and old wood
  • Metallic Red with Wave Paint Dinka Sugoi (Honda Civic Type R FK8)
  • Classic Flame Red Dinka Blista Kanjo (1997-2000 Honda Civic Type R) with shopping list livery
  • Pearly Turin Red with poor finish Declasse Tulid (1972 Chevelle Malibu)

Luxury car showroom vehicle

  • Benefactor BR8 with eCola livery (2011 Red Bull RB7)
  • Pearly Burgundy Truffle Nero (Bugatti Chiron)

More GTA Online rewards and discounts

  • 1st place for three consecutive days in LS Car Meet Races, Pegassi Osiris from Car Meet Prize Ride
  • 8F Rafters await Podium Car prizes for famous Diamond Casino lucky winners
  • Test drive the Imponte Arbiter GT as part of Hao’s Premium Test Drive this week (requires LS Car Meet membership and GTA Online Next Gen)
  • Beat 01:45:00 UTC to win $100,000 in this week’s Powerhouse RC Time Trial
  • Win the top prize in this week’s regular time trial in El Burro Heights by clocking in before 2:10:00
  • 60% discount:
  • 50% off:
    • Nightclub upgrade
    • Benny’s upgrade
  • 40% discount:
    • nightclub
    • Arbiter GT and HSW upgrade ($948,000)
    • Alpha-Z1 ($1,272,810)
    • Airship ($714,210)
    • Fighter ($429,000)
    • Swingers ($545,400)
    • Tulips ($430,800)
    • Waller Hong Kong Dollars (US$756,000)

GTA Online’s latest campaign has been a huge success so far. Rockstar took the idea years ago and ran away with it. If GTA 6 isn’t coming soon, GTA Online will definitely need more of these. The good news is that Rockstar is open to fan feedback. So, we can only assume that the next “gang” event in GTA Online will be a lot better. Hopefully Rockstar will take notes from GTA: San Andreas’ gangs and turf war mechanics. This is still the highest implementation of this mechanism.

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