Why are fans expecting to hear about GTA 6 in November or before?

October is a very special month for Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto 5 on October 25, 2011. Meanwhile, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will celebrate its 20th anniversary later this month. Based on these two facts alone, it’s easy to guess why many fans are speculating that Rockstar will release more news about the next GTA game in a few weeks. However, one particular insider based his theory on facts – not just mere opinion.

GTA fans will want to act like Michael in the coming weeks as we await Take-Two’s next investor call.

As @LegacyKillaHD pointed out, Take-Two Interactive’s next investor call is scheduled for November 6th. Because of this, they claim that GTA 6 could be released before then, and then ask fans to watch out for “late October/early November”. The same source also insists that Take-Two will have to be discussed on an upcoming investor call GTA 6, and said “investors may have some questions about the recent hack that Rockstar Games suffered.”

The leaker is talking about dozens of GTA 6 development videos found online after a massive security breach at Rockstar. The company later confirmed the video was legitimate. British police later arrested the 17-year-old suspect, who has pleaded “not guilty” to the charges.

Insiders didn’t know that Take-Two would draw investors’ attention in two areas following the event. Since this is public information, Take-Two may try to allay their concerns by revealing details about GTA 6. Since this may include information they wish to keep private, Rockstar may wish to reveal a trailer for GTA before the end of June. If nothing else, this would coincide with a recent leak about a new UFO incident in GTA Online.

According to development footage, GTA 6 won’t be out for at least five years.

It’s hard to piece together what’s real and what’s not in GTA 6. At this point, it’s almost certain that GTA 6 will feature at least one female protagonist following the events of GTA 5.

Pray, we finally get official GTA 6 info soon.

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